Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Apple iPhone 4 16GB (White) - Verizon

If you are a parent and you have given your child an iPhone, you've no doubt worried about their safety. Whether you worry about who their talking with or what they have been browsing on the Internet, there's plenty to be concerned about.
However, with the right apps you can worry a whole lot less.
There are plenty of apps available for the iPhone that can help you monitor your child's activity and even limit them from using their iPhones during certain hours or to keep them from viewing unwanted websites.
In this article, I will list the four best parental control apps for iPhone.

Mobicip Safe Browser 

If you want a safe web browser for your child to use that will give you control over what they can and cannot see on the Internet then Mobicip's Safe Browser is a great choice.
Mobicip Safe Browser has a plethora of handy features you can take advantage of. You can filter certain YouTube videos from showing, monitor your child's web browsing history remotely, create your own Internet filter, and much more.
Best of all, Mobicip Safe Browser is designed to behave as similar to Safari as possible, this way your child still has access to a full-featured web browser instead of a watered down one that so many other safe web browsers offer.

AVG Family Safety 

You may have already heard of AVG from some of their other products such as their anti-virus software. AVG Family Safety is their foray into iPhone parental controls.
With AVG Family Safety you can easily view your child's web browser history, block certain social networking sites or block social networking altogether, create a custom list of blocked websites, and even monitor the internet usage for multiple users on the same iPhone.

Norton Family 

Norton Family is a companion app for parents that already have a Norton Family account, giving you more control over your child's iPhone.
The Norton Family companion app will allow you to block websites, view your child's browsing history, view any information your child shares online, see what your child is searching for online, and it will even send you alerts when your child does something they're not supposed to.


While the previous apps have focused on keeping your child safe from online threats and monitoring web browser usage, AppCertain will give you more control of the apps your child uses.

AppCertain will let you see what apps your child installs by sending you a report of each app to your email, and allows you to block access to certain ones. There is also a "curfew mode" makes it so your child doesn't have access to any non-essential iPhone apps, fundamentally blocking access to 3rd-party apps. Thanks to Marie Williams for the ideeas! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tips for Reducing the Energy Used by a Clothes Dryer


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Save Energy when Using Your Clothes Dryer
      Here are some easy to use tips for reducing the energy used by a clothes dryer. Whether your dryer is electric or gas, there are things that you can do to make certain that the dryer is running as efficiently as possible.

              Use Sensor Settings

To avoid running the dryer unnecessarily, use your dryer on the moisture sensor setting which will stop the dryer when the clothes are dry. Using a timed setting can result in the dryer running after the clothes are dry which will result in a higher energy bill due to the additional dryer running time.

Clean Lint Filter

The simplest step to make certain that you dryer is running efficiently is to clean the lint filter before each use. Failing to clean the filter will restrict air movement through the dryer, causing the dryer to take longer to dry the clothes and using more energy.If the lint filter is damaged, replace the filter with an appropriate replacement. Failing to replace a defective filter will result in a large amount of lint going into the vent hose which can cause clogs. These clogs will not only cause the dryer to work inefficiently and increase your energy bill, but the clogs can cause a fire hazard.

Clean Lint Trap

At least once a month, use a brush and / or a vacuum to remove excess line in the lint trap. Use a soft brush to clean the lint filter at this time as well. Small amounts of lint and dryer sheet residue will buildup on the filter over time, restricting air flow and causing the filter to clog with lint more quickly.

Check the Hose

The dryer vents the air from the dryer to the outside of your home through a hose. This hose can become clogged or crushed restricting air flow. To maximize the energy efficiency of your dryer, make certain that the hose is in good condition and periodically remove the hose and clean it free of lint. Check the vent of the outside of your home to remove accumulated lint which can also restrict air movement from the dryer.

Skip the Dryer

Whenever practical, air drying clothes on a line is the best way to dry clothes from an energy perspective. Clothes line is inexpensive and can be purchased at hardware stores and other retailers. Lines can be placed inside or outside to dry clothes. J. Motes

Monday, October 13, 2014

Best Bridesmaid Dresses in Green

Match Your Wedding Colors with Various Shades of Green 

According to the Bridal Wishlist, green bridesmaid dresses are at the top of the list for brides searching for just the right dresses for their weddings. From sage to hunter to lime, shades of green are readily available when ordering your bridesmaids' dresses online.
In an article "Top 7 Bridesmaid Tips" on theknot.com, it was reported that tea-length styles are becoming the more popular choice for bridesmaids. Besides being fun, feminine and flirty, this length allows the dresses to be worn again and again for special occasions.
Alfred Sung has designed a beautiful and affordable tea-length strapless tiered organdy dress in moss or kiwi green in his Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress Style. The beauty of this dress lies in its elegant simplicity. Optional spaghetti straps are included . Sizes available at Beautifully Elegant are 0-16 for $97.35 and 18-28 for $122.35. Delivery from Beautifully Elegant takes 8-12 weeks, but a rush cut is available for $50 extra. 
Bari Jay Bridesmaid Style 751 is a sophisticated halter dress with a self tie pick up skirt with matching shawl in Charmuese. The dress comes in forest, emerald, sage, and hunter shades of green and sizes 2-16 are priced at Beautifully Elegant at $127.50; Misses Sizes 18-20, add $20; Women's sizes 16W - 28W, add $35. An additional five inches in length may be added to the dress for $18. Beautifully Elegant reports that standard shipping on this dress is 10-14 weeks, but a rush shipping of either 4 or 6 weeks is available for additional charges.
Beautifully Elegant also offers the After Six Bridesmaid Dresses Style which is a tea-length strapless Nu-Georgette empire waist dress with shirred sash. The dress features vertical shirring at the bodice, waist, in the front and back. At the back waist, there is bow detailing. You can order this dress in sizes 0-16 for $107.80 and sizes 18-28 for an additional $25. Green shades available include meadow, celadon, mint, kiwi, moss, clover and hunter. This strapless dress comes with optional spaghetti straps and will take 8-12 weeks for shipping.

Adorona Women's Floor Length Strapless A Line Dress

Satin Yoryu Strapless A-line Dress with Sash. is made of soft satin, creates a long, graceful silhouette, and is a full-length gown. The strapless A-line boasts a flattering ruched bodice with a tie-back sash at its empire waist. The dress is fully lined with a back zipper. Dry clean only. Available in Clover in sizes 2-26 online only from David's Bridal. Customers who ordered this dress all reported that the dress was true to the size charts provided, shipped quickly and a true value for the money. They reported feeling elegant, yet comfortable. This will be a dress that can be worn for special occasions long after the wedding is over.
You can get a Strapless Shirred Taffeta Dress by Mori Lee for $132.00 at edressme. The dress features a strapless square neckline with an accent of a rhinestone pendant in the bodice. The cinched shirred waist accents the waist and the knee length bubble skirt adds chic glamor. The dress comes in sizes 2 through 18 and is special ordered. It will take about 12 weeks for delivery.
If you are looking for a lime green dress, check out CocoMyles Custom Formal Wear. Featuring design-your-own custom couture, celebrity inspired dresses, or even maternity wear, CocoMyles offers every dress in lime green and your choice of fabric from satin, georgette, or charmeuse. Whether you want your dress to be sleeveless or long sleeved; straight skirt, A-line, or a pick-up skirt, you can mix and match to get the right combination for everyone. If you prefer to pick one of the celebrity inspired dresses, there are many different styles to choose from.
I particularly like the Golden Felicity. It is a traditional shaped gown with an empire waist with just the right amount of extra to make it unforgettable. This gown comes only in georgette fabric in the lime green and can have either gold or silver metallic straps. This dress, like most of the others on the website comes, in size 0-24 and costs between $148 and $160. Please allow about 6 weeks for delivery of your custom-made dress. 
An article in the New York Times, "Catching the Bouquet, in a Dress You Bought Online" by Elizabeth Olson, reports that the growing trend is to shopping online for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. One of the advantages is the ease of communication that the internet affords wedding parties that are separated by distance.
Through emails or Y/IM, a decision can be made by the whole party quickly. Options by online e-tailers for custom made dresses allow the bride to ensure that the wedding party's dresses will all match by reserving the same lot of material. By paying careful attention to the size charts provided, any alterations necessary may be made easily by a local business.

The bride will always take center stage at her wedding. But, today's choices of bridesmaid dresses make sure that no one feels like they are getting stuck with a dress that they hate. With so many options, there is a dress for every shape, size, and preference. Carole Larkin.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Guide to Wedding Dresses

Faironly New Bride Wedding Dress

If clothes make the man then the wedding dress makes the bride. Every woman should be looking like royalty on her wedding day and with these summer wedding dresses under $500 it can be accomplished. Although choosing the perfect summer wedding dress for next year might be the most important decision, it doesn't have to be the most expensive one.
The prettiest wedding dress is the Alfred Angelo bridal wedding gown #1153. This strapless wedding dress is made from taffeta, net embroidered lace with metallic accents, beading and sequins. This wedding gown has a semi-Cathedral train, a full skirt, and a beautifully embroidered bust. The front of the skirt has a wide arcing layer with embroidery details. This is the most delicious wedding dress and is sure to make any woman happy. This wedding dress can be bought online at Wedding Dress City and costs only $369. This dress is made to order to your body measurements.
Interested in a simple yet classic dress with a taste of color? Then be sure to check out the Alfred Angelo wedding gown #1233. This floor length satin wedding dress is strapless with a dipping back. The dress has a sash of color that runs the top of the dress and around to where the sash hangs down the back like streamers. The sash has crystal beads and sequins. This wedding gown is available at Wedding Dress City and costs $289.
Gold is a great way to shine on the special day. The Alfred Angelo bridal wedding gown #1608 is perfect for those that want a touch of gold. This satin floor length billowy wedding dress is strapless, has a sequin studded neckline, a semi-Cathedral train, and a gold metallic sash tied in a bow around the waist. This wedding gown is also available at Wedding Dress City and costs only $300. This dress is made to fit your body so that you know you look the best that you can.

David's Bridal Women's One Shoulder Beaded
Bridesmaid Dress with Side Slit

David's Bridal is another wonderful place to find summer wedding dresses. David's Bridal wedding dress style VW9478 is the best buy of the season since it is on sale from $499 to only $299.99. This taffeta halter A-line gown with a V-neck ruched bodice and a halter neckline. The dropped waistline and the fit and flair skirt make this an elegant yet simple gown for any woman on her special day. The dress is polyester, zips up the back and is available in white only.
One more delightful dress from David's Bridal is style MP9573. This chiffon sweetheart halter A-line gown compliments your body with an empire waist and pleated bust. The waist is decorated with beaded crocheted lace. The skirt is full and hangs nicely to the floor. This dress is also a steal with the retail price being $399 but on sale for $249.

So do yourself a favor and check out these fantastic choices for your wedding dress. Rose Ruff

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tide To Go Stain Remover

              Tide To Go is a great product for on-the-go stains in your daily life. Any busy mom will love tucking the Tide To Go laundry pen in her purse. Not only will TideTo Go work on those spatters of ketchup from the fry your preschooler was wielding like a magic wand, but it'll work on your own dribbles from salsa and sodas.

How to use Tide To Go?
Follow the instructions. Press the pen in to release some of the product onto the stain. Rub Tide To Go into the stain to make it work. Depending on the stain, the mark should lighten or completely disappear.

Where can I find Tide To Go?
You can find the Tide To go laundry pen in the laundry detergent section of your grocery store or discount chain store such as Target or Wal-Mart. You also may be able to find it in quickie-marts at gas stations.

How much does Tide To Go Cost?
The laundry pen costs a few dollars and is very affordable. Consider buying the Tide To Go laundry pen for each purse, one for your car and one for your desk at work.

What I like about Tide To Go:
Surprisingly, it actually works on most stains, if you get to them quickly. Salsa, ketchup, soda and creamy salad dressings disappear quickly.
Tide To Go is about the size of a pen, so it fits easily into a purse, glove compartment and desk drawer.
It's safe to use on kid's clothes. However, it is an eye irritant and should be kept out of the reach of children.
The top fits snugly, so the product shouldn't leak all over your purse.
It works almost every color-fast fabric, including dry cleanable fabrics.

            What I don't like about Tide To Go:
It leaves a big wet spot until it dries. And unlike the commercials, waving a piece of paper at it will not cause it to dry; it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to dry.
Tide To Go doesn't work on everything, particularly grease stains. However, it does lighten these stains, so you might be able to fake having stain-free clothes.
It doesn't work as well on stains that are a couple of hours old. You have to get to the stains fast for Tide To Go work.

            Overall Recommendation of Tide To Go:

            This is a great product for quick, on the go stains. The size of the pen makes it great for carrying every where you go. Credits for this recomendations go to Teri Halvorsen.